Here we proudly present our sponsors and partners!

Our partners, you contribute significant funds to Paddla för Livet and our expeditions. We are very grateful for your interest and commitment in working with us in the way you do. Together, we give the nature a helping hand and work for a greener attitude.

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Skim kayaksSkim Kayaks is a Finnish company building very well designed fibreglass kayaks of the highest quality. Handcrafted boats with lots of practical details, high quality hull & deck construction equipped with the best kayak accessories found on the market. Since our long expeditions and sea kayaking projects request long durability, good design, paddling comfort and secure paddling for all sea conditions, and to work with our trash-collecting and researching systems, it’s of utmost importance to work with the best. Skim Kayaks is one of the top kayak brands in the world providing exactly what we need.
Skim’s production is located in northern Finland, which for us Scandinavians also means locally production – which is an important environmental aspect for Paddla för Livet. During our expeditions we paddle Skims kayaks, and we have never known us more than satisfied! Huge thanks to Skim for the partnership we have established since the start of Paddla för Livet.



Hilleberg the Tentmaker

Hillberg the Tentmaker is a Swedish company designing and building tents of greatest function and quality. It’s very important to have good equipment on expeditions and tours in the wilderness – and not least the right tent. The tent represents one’s home and secure place when the surroundings and the weather is at its worst. Hillberg is long recognized as the absolute best, worldwide. One of the most functional and well-built tents on the world market. We are extremely pleased to have the partnership we have with Hillberg. During our expeditions we sleep in Hilleberg’s tents, and it is rare to sleep so well! We mainly use their toughest fabric, black label, and the tent models: Staika & Tarra.



Aclima is a Norwegian company that manufactures wool products of the highest quality and function. ”Anywhere underwear” speaks very good for what Aclima is making: underwear for all kinds of activities, anywhere. Warm, functional and well breathable wool in 100% natural merino wool. During our expeditions we always use Aclima’s wool clothing – and we are more than satisfied, plus we never freezes! We can strongly recommend their Lightwool-, Warmwool- and Woolnet series. Perfect for kayaking, summertime as well as the coldest winter paddling days.

Myself, Tim, uses their clothing almost every day on the year: working with sea kayaking guidning in Greece summertime, tough expeditions with Paddla för Livet during all sea conditions the rest of the year. During hot summer days the wool keeps you cool, during cold winter days it keeps you warm. What more can you ask for?