Our expeditions can briefly be summarized as longer trips in the wilderness that aim for environmental commitments. We travel with sea kayaks along shoreslines of different countries, circle islands, paddle in archipelagos and lakes. We visit new places, new seas, new waters and experience more and more of littered marine shores.

Our ambition is to conduct environmentally friendly kayaking expeditions in order to spread a word for the littered and trash-suffering nature, actively collect marine trash and to provide our research program with more data. We are trying to inspire people to do something about the problem of littered nature, but also to actively collect trash and to document the bigger perspective of marine littering. During the expeditions we write a type of diary (blog) which you can follow. Our blogs can be found for each expedition and provides a way for you to follow the expeditions during real-time when they are carried out, but also afterwards in order to read what we have done.

On-going expeditions, activities in general and planned projects

Our completed expeditions

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About you!

Are you interested in being a part of the Paddle for Life in the future? Perhaps you are eager to attend to some of our future projects? Of course we ask for competence, motivation, the right spirit and experience required for our projects. If you are interested feel free to contact us and we will start a conversation together!