From Canals to Coast 2015

Our expedition From Canals to Coast, summer 2015

CTC_presentation_map_v2On 31st of May we launched this year’s expedition with Paddla för Livet – expedition From Canals to Coast!

Launched in Netherlands in late May 2015, our adventurer Niels Mattaar paddles right now our project of the year. This expedition is about to paddle the whole way from Nijmegen in Netherlands to the west coast of Sweden, through the canals of Netherlands, to Germany, to Denmark, to reach the west coast of Sweden. Our purpose with this project is to collect marine trash, document it, provide new data to our research program, and highlight the needs of cleaner nature. To spread a word for our nature. Every paddled stroke, every covered kilometer, every picked gram of plastic – will spread a word for a greener nature.

Follow the expedition, documentation and the paddler Niels Mattaar on:
CanalsToCoast on Facebook!

You can also follow it below, here on the site of Paddla för Livet

Administrated and organized by Tim Ekstam

The launching in Netherlands, 31st of May