Our Adventurers

A brief presentation of all Paddle for Life adventurers.
We are the people behind completed and paddled expeditions.
Tim is behind the whole Initiative of Paddla för Livet / Paddle for Life

Tim Ekstam

Tim Ekstam

Founder, owner, organizer & expedition paddler

From: Strängnäs, Sweden

Present living: Göteborg, Sweden & Vlachata, Kefalonia, Greece

Profession: Operating ”Paddla för Livet” and several works as sea kayaking guide / instructor. Studying Geology & Earth Sciences at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden

Paddled expeditions: Organizing all projects with PfL and paddled all expeditions except ”Kayaking Norway” and ”From Canals to Coast”

Guest on expeditions: ///

Typical Tim on tour: Damn slow and relaxed morning routines

Vision: Never trust a guy in shiny gear!

Ulrika Lindroth

Ulrika 2

Organizer & expedition paddler

From: Strängnäs, Sweden

Present living: Göteborg, Sweden & Vlachata, Kefalonia, Greece

Profession: Several works as sea kayaking guide and business in the outdoor bransch. Studying the science of languages at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden

Paddled expeditions: ”Sverige runt 2013″ and minor expeditions

Guest on expeditions: ///

Typical Ulrika on tour: Every day’s unique dream of food and recipes

Vision: ///

Jens Berglund

Jens Berglund

Expedition paddler & philosopher

From: Malmköping, Sweden

Present living: In a sailing boat somewhere

Profession: Master degree in computer engineering. Several works as civil engineer, politician and involved in several outdoor associations and projects

Paddled expeditions: ”Vit November” and minor expeditions

Guest on expeditions: ”Sverige runt 2013″ (about 12 days)

Typical Jens on tour: Rice pudding in a tube

Vision: ”God morgon och välkommen till världens bästa dag.”

Håkan Lindroth

Hakan Lindroth

Expedition paddler & consulting outdoor doctor

From: Stockholm, Sweden

Present living: Strängnäs, Sweden

Profession: Doctor at the hospital of Eskilstuna / Mälarsjukhuset. Involved in several outdoor associations and projects

Paddled expeditions: ”Sverige runt 2013″ and minor expeditions

Guest on expeditions: ///

Typical Håkan on tour: Evening tee and cookie in the tent! In charge of radio weather forecast!

Vision: The best is the enemy of good

Johan Mikkelsen

Johan 1

Expedition paddler

From: Strömstad, Sweden

Present living: Værøy, Norway

Profession: Fishing guide at Nordic Sea Angling, Norway

Paddled expeditions: ”Kayaking Norway 2014″

Guest on expeditions: ///

Typical Johan on tour: ”Alex! Kan jag låna pisseflaskan!”

Vision: ///

Alexander Betsholtz

Alex 1

Expedition paddler

From: Göteborg, Sweden

Present living: Lund, Sweden

Profession: Student at the University of Lund

Paddled expeditions: ”Kayaking Norway 2014″

Guest on expeditions: ///

Typical Alex on tour: ”Johan, har du sett min…”

Vision: ///

Niels Mattaar

Niels Mattaar

Expedition paddler

From: Aalten, Netherlands

Present living: Aalten, Netherlands

Profession: Several works in the outdoor bransch

Paddled expeditions: right now involved in our next project and solo-paddler of ”From Canals to Coast” 2015

Guest on expeditions: ”Sverige runt 2013″ (about 10 days)

Typical Niels on tour: Always first, no matter what. Always giving a hand, no matter what.

Vision: Hönökaka!