Our unique, green product – the Kilogram*

After some years of sea kayaking and trash, we have developed our own sustainable business concept. A simple, but well thought out, card.

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Kilogram framsida 750x600

Kilogram båda 600x600Through this ”Kilogram” has anyone the opportunity to make significant contributions to a greener and less littered nature. The card represents 1 kg of trash that is collected by Paddle for Life in the wild, through our expeditions. If you buy one ”Kilogram card” you will contribute by giving us the task to pick trash in nature. This will be done in the future, which means by buying a card we will go out there, collecting trash. Probably during future expeditions or specially launched trash-picking projects conducted if enough Kilograms are sold. The process can be followed through the card’s unique ID number on the back of each card. Through this ID you are able to follow up your collected Kilogram.

How the work with our Kilograms go is quite simple. We are looking for partners, such as companies looking for green marketing or products that want a great additional meaning. We sell a large quantity of cards to a customer, which then corresponds to the same amount of trash that will be picked in the wild by us. When enough Kilograms are sold in order to finance a project, we are launching our kayaks somewhere in a littered and remote area. All expeditions are followed up, and all Kilogram cards are trace-able on our webpage.

Examples of Kilogram* partnerships / targets:

  • Skim Kayaks: for every kayak built by Skim they put one Kilogram card inside. –> Every Skim boat sold will result in 1 kg trash collected in the nature by Paddla för Livet. This is great, green marketing for Skim, as well as for the customer to buy the boat, whom contribute to a better environment.
  • Aclima wool clothing: on the tag of more expensive wool clothing there’s an Kilogram card hanging.  –> Every clothing of this kind sold will result in 1 kg trash collected in the nature by Paddla för Livet. This is great, green marketing for Aclima, as well as for the customer to buy the cloth, whom contribute to a better environment.

We are searching for more partnerships, so we can clean more shores together. Great marketing, effective and working procedure of cleaning littered shores. We have the product for doing this, so it’s just to brainstorm great combinations and partnerships. Get in touch with us if you have something interesting in mind!

Are you interested in a cooperation?

Briefly, this is what we can do together:

  • Provide you with a larger amount of Kilogram cards. (Anything more than 1 pile a 50 cards.)
  • You will add one or several Kilogram cards to the service you provide with your business, the items you sell etc.
  • We keep in touch and have a dialog about the work with the collecting, which is 100% Paddla för Livet work. We will keep you informed about the progress and upload information about every card that is collected and finished. All cards are trace-able on the webpage through the unique ID-number on the backside of each card.
  • If you rather prefer a Diploma, representing a larger amount of collected trash, and don’t like to recieve a single card for every kilogram, we do so. We write our own diplomas representing larger amounts of trash-collectings in the name of a second-partner. This is for example a good way for a business aiming for great, green marketing in general terms, and don’t like to add physical cards to products or services.
  • We work in a way where we aim to give you great, green marketing. As well for the customer to buy your product (if you are a retailer / dealer) whom contribute to a better environment by buying your product.

Get in touch with us if you are interested in a Kilogram partnership with us. Great, green marketing where we make action. We will clean nature together, in your name.