Let us inspire and share experiences!

We like to show, tell and have workshops

We lecturing happy about what we are doing. According to your wishes and ideas, we can focus the lecture on different areas. For example, we can target the following:

  • About the life as adventurers at sea – sea kayaking expeditions. Tents, kayaks, kilometers, rain, sun, blizzards, storms, sun sets, with the islands, shores and seas as home
  • About the state of the littering at sea – from the perspective of a sea kayaker and data from our research program. Our own observations in terms of documented trash and marine littering along our several sea kayaking expeditions
  • About the littering in the wild, in general terms – what trash in nature could mean for animals. Weathered plastic goes into microplastic. Accumulation in the food chain, modifies of gene-banks, ethics. What can You do to contribute to a cleaner nature in your daily life. How to collect trash, how to recycle, how to motivate and inspire others? Attitude to trash. Attitude to nature.
  • About Paddle for Life – our idea of combining sea kayaking with environmental commitment. Our journey of sea kayaking and trash. From idea to wet days in the dry suit in the northern Norway.
  • Collecting trash is cool – an inspiring lecture for your school, showing the extreme sport of tough sea kayaking in remote areas as well as our marine, trash research and collecting program.

A large part of the Paddle for Life platform is sharing what we have done, planning to do and what we have learned along our journey of kayaking and trash. From building a unique platform that combines outdoor activities and adventure with environmental commitment, to actually be in place in the archipelago and do what we do, is a long way with many experiences.

Our expeditions lives on even though we stepped out of the boats. They live on after the physical finish line at any national border. We have so much to share with you, and often unique knowledge and experience that many others don’t know.

A lecture with us means a tailor-made project, which is discussed along with your wishes through mail or phone.

If interested in booking a lecture, feel free to contact us via mail (below) or phone (0046 76 84 29 245). Furthermore, we discuss the arrangements, requirements and prices.

Email us below, and write a few lines about who you are and what you wish to do!

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