At The Moment

What are we doing right now?

Planning expeditions, launching expeditions, afterwork with finished expeditions and the research data our expeditions provide, developing our research program, cooperating with our partners, creating new partnerships, giving lectures, collecting marine trash and selling our Kilograms*, trying to spread our word for the environment


On-going expedition

We are at the moment on land, preparing our next adventure.


Next expedition

June summer of 2015. Countdown started.

In the summer of 2015 we will launch our next expedition with Paddle for Life. ”From Canals to Coast” will start in June, by the Dutchman Niels Mattaar. Niels will start in Njmegen in Netherlands and paddle towards the west-coast of Sweden with the goal of reaching Gothenburg in mind. The purpose of the expedition is to collect, highlight and document trash along the way through Netherlands, Germany, Denmark and Sweden. Its of great interest to see the differences between coastlines, countries and environments. This is exactly what this two month long expedition will provide. It extends through several countries but also through various areas, therefore the name From Canals to Coast. All along the journey will marine trash be picked up in the usual Paddle for Life spirit!

The expedition is essentially a solo-trip paddled by Niels Mattaar, but various guest paddler may join different parts. Tim is working with the organization and administration from Greece. Skim Kayaks and Hilleberg the Tentmaker are sponsors of the expedition.


Recently finished expedition

Kayaking Norway 2014 Poster_liten

The summer of 2014 we launched our so far, in terms of distance, longest expedition: ”Kayaking Norway 2014″. This expedition started in mid-June 2014 at the Russian-Norwegian border (Jakobselv) and was paddled south towards the Swedish-Norwegian border (Strömstad). The expedition was paddled by Johan Mikkelsen and Alexander Betsholtz (see ”Our adventurers” under the menu Expeditions). Johan & Alex paddled a very well done expedition and provided excellent research values in terms of marine trash documentation along the whole coast of Norway. The expedition was paddled in about 100 days in order to spread a word for the marine environment and to provide our research program with more custom-made documentation of Scandinavian shorelines. This carefully, every day documentation, was done through our own developed program of notes and photographs for about 100 certain examined beaches. Part of the planning for the expedition meant to develop our unique program of documentation. Together with Tim, founder of PfL, the program was developed and tested over a two-week tour along the north west-coast of Sweden. The launching of this expedition along Norway started our carefully research program which we now will proceed with during the coming years. The result was very good, but the amount of trash documentated was not positive. Unfortunately, our beaches are much more littered than many people can believe.

Follow up the expedition of 2014, Kayaking Norway, below:



Paddling and marine-trash-researching in the Ionic Sea,  Mediterranean, Greece, Kefalonia. Summer of 2014 and 2015, May to September.


During the summers expedition from Netherlands to Sweden by Niels, Tim is working in Greece with PfL by the side of working as a kayaking guide in Kefalonia. The goal is to come into a wider understanding of the marine trash situation in the mediterranean sea and to compare with our research in the north Atlantic and what our expeditions have provided in terms of documentations and experiences. Further on the purpose is to give us perspective to the present marine trash situation in Scandinavia and what we might be able to work on with in the future.