Sea Kayaking info

Sea kayaking techniques, tips and approaches

By Tim Ekstam

The following techniques, tips and ideas in the world of sea kayaking, are results of my own interpretation, choices of multiple possibilities and my own developed systems. There’s an ocean of different methods and approaches out there. Different ways of doing one thing, in where you have to make your own opinion. The following are my point of view, what I suggest and prefer in terms of multiple approaches, and what I have developed myself in the context of expedition paddling and guidning.

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Being responsible of a group, working with leadership and guidning

Knowledge of subjectivity is the key to good leadership, as well as to always stay ahead with your mind.

Longer trips in the kayak, in terms of time and distance

Never trust a guy in shiny gear.

General thoughts, approaches, philosophies

  • Every single group is unique. Unique in its own way. A single person, added or removed from the group, will change the whole group, transform it into a new group. With its advantages and disadvantages. In terms of leading groups on the water or conducting expeditions, this is way more important to know and handle than much else.
  • Theory and Practice – two dimensions one must know. More or less. Usually you prefer one. Then study and develop the other.
  • It’s impossible to pause the activity of paddling. You are always in a constantly changing environment – on the water. One typical position can exhibit a large number of different sea states and resulting in many situations.  You can’t pause a serious situation on the water. Therefore, proper planning is one of the most important parameters of success.
  • Read the nature, it’s a book with the information you need. You just need to learn its language.
  • Respect the forces of nature. There’s none who can forecast the weather with 100% hit rate. Read the forecast, interpret it, open your eyes and look around, interpret what you see. Bake a cake with the two worlds and make your own interpretation of the upcoming weather. Laying back to only one of the perspectives is never as good as taking information from several sources into account. Study, read, think, discuss, observe.
  • Respect the nature. Since you are at the webpage of Paddla för Livet you can’t avoid my word of treating nature ethically and so she deserves to be treated. Never leave your own trash behind, come on. I’ve seen so many people doing sports in the outdoor who seems to be reasonable, but throw their trash around them. Respect the nature, and also these persons lack of wisdom and knowledge, show them how to pick up trash from others and the garbage found in the wild, that you actually have the possibility to bring where it belongs.
  • One with lowest possibilities and abilities has the definitive voice in a serious sitaution under discussion. If not, you are more then one group.
  • Keep your thoughts ahead your paddle strokes!